Room and Contents in Warwick Township
September 17, 2023

At 12:21 hours, the TVFD along with mutual aid Companies, were alerted for a house fire on Mauger Road in Warwick Township. Captain 69 arrived and reported light smoke showing from the roofline and homeowner reported a fire in an upstairs bedroom, and that all occupants/pets were evacuated. Mauger Road command was established and the order was given to Engine 69-1 to take the driveway, and deploy an attack line to the D side doorway and make entry. As additional apparatus arrived, senior FF J. Porter took Interior Operations, and LT M. Wilson took Exterior Operations and tasked crews from various companies with deploying ground ladders, securing utilities, checking for extension, and ventilation. The fire was held to one room. Chester County fire marshals are investigating and Belfor restoration secured the structure.

Photo credit to Elverson-Honey Brook EMS, and the TVFD

Units: Engine 69-1, Engine 69-5, Ladder 69, Utility 69-2, Utility 69-3
Mutual Aid: Rescue 62, Engine 62–1, Engine 48-5, Berks Tanker 24, Rescue 47 (RIT), EHBEMS, Chester County Fire Marshals