Barn Fire Assist
June 3, 2023

08:48 hrs
TVFD was alerted as part of the 1st alarm assignment assisting Lancaster County 34 (Caernarvon) with a working barn fire. Ladder 69 arrived and was directed into the field to set up and start opening up the roof on the D side. Engine 69-5 arrived shortly after and took up position to work on fire extinguishment with crews from Station 33 and Station 48 on the A side of the barn. Engine 34-1 and Tanker 34 took the B/C corner. Truck 39 set up to open the roof on the B side. Engine 69-1 arrived and assisted Engine 33-1 (Honey Brook) with setting up a draft site to supply the scene. Rescue 69 also made the response and assisted with manpower.

Thank you to Ridge FC for standing by and covering our area while we operated at this incident.

Units: Ladder 69, Engine 69-1, Engine 69-5, Rescue 69
Mutual Aid: Engine 62-5 (standby for 69)