Do you have a pond, creek, or additional water source accessible on your property?
By Captain Darryl Romig
April 28, 2023

TVFD is looking to expand our database, and hoping you may be able to help us. We are looking for properties that have:
-dry hydrants
-creeks (preferably larger to sustain water flow demands of 500-1000 gallons per minute)
These could be used as water sources for emergencies instead of having to truck water from farther away. This information is especially needed in the rural areas and farms of the Chester and Berks County areas that we serve. The information would only be shared with Chester County Emergency Services mapping so they can direct trucks and give information in the event of an emergency.
You will be seeing us out in the community, mapping out fire hydrants, and creeks where we can draft from the roadway.
What information would we need?
We would need to know what source it is, how far from a driveway, road or solid path (big enough for a fire engine) and with your permission, we will come and verify if it would indeed be a good water source for emergencies.
We can also come and do a live training on your property if you would like to see what all is
involved in using the water source.
If you think you can add to our system, please email Or call 610-286-8833 and leave a message regarding water source