Barn Fire Assist
June 21, 2022

At 0823 hrs, TVFD was dispatched on the first alarm assignment to assist 33 (Honey Brook) on a barn fire. Deputy 33 arrived on the scene to find one large barn fully involved with exposures. Engine 69-5 arrived and supplied Engine 33-1, Ladder 69 arrived shortly after and was granted permission from a neighbor to access the fire via their yard to a pasture. Engine 69-1 established a fill site for tankers at Struble Lake, then was moved closer to the scene to access a hydrant. Crews from all companies involved worked hard and were able to protect all the exposures on the property.
A special thank you to Nulls Towing, Sheds Unlimited, and Honey Brook FC crews for their assistance getting Ladder 69 out of the pasture after becoming stuck in the mud! Also a thank you to Norco Fire Company for covering our district while we were out on this fire.

Units: Engine 69-5, Engine 69-1, Ladder 69