Members complete Mobile Water Supply course
June 12, 2022

5 TVFD members completed a Mobile Water Supply course at the Chester County Public Safety Training Center today. The TVFD members spent 2 nights in classroom instruction and the 2 days of the weekend outside working on different water supply scenarios using tanker shuttles and portable ponds with multiple other Companies from Chester County.

Below is the description of the class:
This program encompasses all prerequisites to meet the requirements of Pennsylvania State and National Certification for Driver/Operator – Mobile Water Supply. This combined course reviews the NFPA 1002, Standard for Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications job performance requirements for both the pumper and water supply operators. Students will understand the responsibilities of firefighters who are assigned to drive and operate department vehicles that are equipped with a fire pump and carry water. Topics include general principles of pump operations, safe driving techniques, positioning apparatus to maximize efficiency, pump theory, hydraulic calculations, water relay, tanker shuttle operations, apparatus maintenance, inspections and testing. Those students who meet the prerequisites and successfully complete the course will be eligible to test for Pennsylvania State and National Certification as Driver/Operator – Mobile Water Supply.

Units: Engine 69-5
Mutual Aid: Tanker 21 (Oxford), Tanker 27 (Conchranville), Tanker 8 (Keystone Valley), Engine 33-5 (Honey Brook), Engine 44-5 (Westwood), Engine 11 (CCPSTC)