Main ST & Rt 176 Entrapment
November 14, 2021

At 12:13 the department as dispatched to Main St and Rt 176 for an automobile accident with entrapment. Chief 69 went on location and advised there was 2 patients laying in the roadway and confirming 1 entrapped on the drivers side. Rescue 69 responded with 4 personnel on board. Chief 69 advised Rescue 69 to pull up to the scene and deploy the front bumper hydraulic tools and start fluid control.

Personnel removed the driver side door and roof to gain access to the patient.

Extrication was complete at 12:44.

Crews provided fluid control and fire police provided traffic control until all vehicles were removed.

Photos courtesy of FF / EMT J. McCully

Units: Rescue 69, Squad 69-1, 69 Fire Police
Mutual Aid: LANC. 34 Fire Police, Berks 6826 &6821, Medic 193, LANC Amb 363, Amb 891