Vehicle into Marsh
November 1, 2021

12:57 hrs - TVFD along with Ambulance 89-1 (EHBEMS) and paramedic 193 were dispatched to the area of the 60 block of Brick Lane for an auto accident. Reported to be a vehicle through a fence and into a marsh.

Ambulance 89-1 arrived on location simultaneously with paramedic 193 and were directed toward a creek in the middle of a marshy field past a broken fence by bystanders on the scene. The EMS crew could not see the vehicle due to the distance and the brush, the crew followed the path of plowed over brush created from the vehicle and found it resting in a small creek on the property. EMS assisted the patient with extricating himself from the vehicle.

Rescue 69 assisted with helping EMS and provided traffic control.

The driver was transported to a facility for evaluation.

Photos courtesy of FF/EMT J. McCully

Units: Rescue 69 - Deputy 69
Mutual Aid: Ambulance 89-1 & Ambulance 189-1 (EHBEMS) - Paramedic 193 (Tower Health) - PSP