Pickup vs. Dump Truck w/ Heavy Entrapment
October 25, 2021

14:27hrs – TVFD were dispatched along with EMS from 680 in Berks County to Northbound Rt. 176 for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment. Reported to be a pickup truck vs dump truck with unknown injuries with oil and fuel leaking from the truck. The accident reported to be on the shoulder of the road. An additional report confirmed a subject was trapped in the vehicle.

Lieutenant McCully (89-23) from Elverson Honey Brook Area EMS arrived on location to find the accident on the shoulder of the roadway Southbound of Rt. 176. 89-23 found a heavily damaged pickup truck into the rear of a dump truck with a large field of debris and fluids leading from the initial point of impact to the shoulder of the roadway. 89-23 forced the driver’s door open to gain access, assess and immediately began patient care on the trapped victim. Deputy 69 arrived on location and established Rt. 176 command, at this time 89-23 informed Deputy 69 that the patient was heavily entrapped in the vehicle and would need extricated.

Berks 680-1 and 680-2 arrived on location and began treatment of the victim. Rescue 69 arrived on location with firefighters immediately beginning the extrication by popping open the passenger side door to gain entry to the victim, along with removal of the B post on the driver side. While firefighters were working on the extrication, the CCT (Critical Care Team), Tower Health’s Deputy Chief & Tower Health’s Medical Director arrived on scene to assist in the treatment of the victim. Firefighters also cut the drivers seat to aide in extrication of the patient. Extrication was complete with EMS crews immediately transporting.

Firefighters remained on location to clear debris and contain / clean up the fluids.

All units were available at 15:05hrs

Photos courtesy of FF / EMT J. McCully:

Units: Rescue 69 - Deputy 69
Mutual Aid: 89-23 (EHBEMS) - 680-1 (Berks), 680-2 (Berks), 680 Critical Care Team (Berks), Deputy 680 (Berks), Tower Health Medical Director - PSP - FP23 - FP24