Sedan Vs. Tractor Trailer w/ Entrapment
July 25, 2021

15:34hrs - TVFD dispatched along with Ambulance 89-1 (EHBEMS) and Paramedic 193 (Tower Direct) to the Westbound PA Turnpike in the area of MM 277.7 for an auto accident, reported to be a sedan vs. tractor trailer with injuries.

A Trooper from the Pennsylvania State Police arrived on location, advising the operator of the sedan is trapped in the vehicle and the doors would need removed to extricate her.

Deputy 69 arrived on location simultaneously with Rescue 69 & Ambulance 89-1, EMS were able to gain access through the passenger side door, once the rear door out of the way at which time the driver was able to self extricate.

EMS transported the driver to a hospital for treatment / evaluation, firefighters controlled fluids from the vehicle. All units cleared the scene by 16:21hrs.

Photos courtesy of Safety 69 A. Spangler.

Units: Deputy 69 - Rescue 69
Mutual Aid: Ambulance 89-1 (EHBEMS) - Pennsylvania State Police - Paramedic 193