4 Vehicle Crash in West Nantmeal
February 17, 2021

16:05hrs - TVFD were dispatched along with EHBEMS on North Manor Road / Goodfellow Road for an auto accident reported to be 6-7 vehicles involved with unknown injuries. Almost immediately after the initial dispatch, an upgrade was made due to reports of one of the vehicles smoking possibly on fire, now reported as 4 vehicles blocking. The upgrade added paramedic 193 (Tower Health) to the call and Engine 69-1.

Ambulance 89-1 (EHBEMS) arrived simultaneously with paramedic 193, the crew of Ambulance 89-1 confirming the report of 4 vehicles blocking both lanes of traffic, EMS noted all occupants out of the vehicles walking around, with a pickup truck up an embankment with a car blocking the lane, with another 2 vehicles several yards down the road blocking the opposite lane. The crew of Ambulance 89-1 along with paramedic 193 immediately split up to check on the subjects. Due to the number of subjects, an additional ambulance from 189 was requested at this time. Deputy 69 arrived on the location, advising that there was no fire,Engine 69 & Rescue 69 arrived and blocked the roadway to ensure scene safety until fire police arrived to close down the roadway, with the crews from TVFD immediately beginning to secure the vehicles and control the spilled fluids. As EMS evaluated several subjects with each eventually refusing transport. TVFD firefighters cleared debris from the roadway, following the arrival of PSP officers. The roadway was opened once local towing agencies removed all the vehicles.

All units went available at 17:38hrs.

Photos courtesy of FF / EMT J. McCully & EMT K. McCarthy

Units: Deputy 69, Rescue 69, Engine 69-1, Fire Police 69
Mutual Aid: Ambulance 89-1 and Ambulance 189-3 (EHBEMS) - Paramedic 193 (Tower Health) - Pennsylvania State Police