Entrapment on Rt. 176
January 7, 2021

06:42hrs - TVFD along with Ambulance 89-2 (EHBEMS) and paramedic 193 (Tower Health) were dispatched to Route 176 Southbound for an auto accident, reported to be 2 vehicles blocking involving a delivery truck vs a smaller vehicle. While responding Chester County dispatch upgraded the assignment to entrapment.

Ambulance 89-2 arrived on location to find a box truck with heavy front end damage sitting in the grassy medium and a vehicle with significant damage to the rear sitting along the right lane guardrail. EMS crew noticed the driver of the box truck to be standing outside his vehicle while bystanders including a trauma center doctor whom was a passerby of the accident were attempting to assist the driver trapped in the smaller vehicle.

EMS crew confirmed entrapment and immediately began to assess the trapped driver, ambulance 189-3 was requested to the scene at this time for an additional patient.

Rescue 69 arrived on location and blocked the roadway to traffic, with TVFD firefighters stabilizing the vehicle using cribbing and performing a door removal to gain access to the patient. Extrication was completed at 07:06hrs.

Both patients were transported to a trauma center for treatment by EMS.

Photos courtesy of FF / EMT J. McCully & Chief 69

Units: Chief 69, Rescue 69, Squad 69, 69 Fire Police
Mutual Aid: EHBEMS ambulances 89-2 and 189-3 and Medic 193