TVFD Handles 3 Consecutive Motor Vehicle Accidents; Extricates 1
August 11, 2020

At 15:36 TVFD was dispatched with Elverson-Honey Brook Area EMS to an accident on Swamp Rd in Caernarvon Township. Rescue 69 Responded with a crew of 5 but was recalled after Deputy 69 arrived and found a minor accident with no fire services needed.

At 16:02, while TVFD crews were still in station from the previous accident, the station was dispatched to the intersection of Route 23 and Route 401 for an auto accident with entrapment. Rescue 69 was out the door in seconds with a full crew. Rescue 69 arrived shortly after Brandywine Hospital Medic 193 to find a 2 vehicle accident with one person confined in an overturned vehicle. Crews quickly stabilized the vehicle and used hydraulic cutters to remove a door and the "B" post from the driver side of the SUV on it's roof. Firefighters had difficulty accessing the patient due to the condition of items in the car. Crews were able carefully extricate the patient and transfer care over to Elverson-Honey Brook Area EMS. Caernarvon Fire Company Fire Police were called to assist with traffic control. Crews remained on scene for several minutes to assist the tow company with debris cleanup. While crews were wrapping up debris cleanup, Chester DES hailed Rescue 69 and advised crews of another accident in TVFD’s first due.

At 16:56 TVFD Rescue 69 along with the Deputy cleared the accident with entrapment to respond to the Pennsylvania Turnpike for an accident with unknown injuries. Deputy 69 arrived at Milemarker 300.1 Westbound to find a 3 vehicle accident with one vehicle into the median and 2 others vehicles on the shoulder. Rescue 69 and Engine 69-1 staged at the access gate and awaited further instructions. Deputy 69 advised there was one patient for evaluation by EMS but no fire services were required. TVFD cleared the final call at approximately 17:15.

Units: Rescue 69; Engine 69-1; Deputy 69; Fire Police
Mutual Aid: Caernarvon FC Fire Police; Elverson-Honey Brook EMS; Brandywine Medics