Ladder Assists With Apartment Building Inferno in North Coventry
July 30, 2020

At 7:20 PM, Chester County DES sent the building fire response to the Ashwood Apartments at 728 Worth Blvd in North Coventry Township. Within minutes the call was upgraded to a working fire which included TVFD Ladder 69 being dispatched to relocate to Norco Fire Company Station 64. Ladder 69 responded within minutes with a full crew. While en route to relocate the ladder's assignment was changed and was sent to the fire scene. Command advised incoming crews that there was heavy fire through the roof. Upon arrival Ladder 69 was sent to the rear of the building where crews set up for master stream operations. Once the aerial was set up crews placed the master stream in service to try and contain the inferno ripping through the building. Due to water supply issues crews were hindered from stopping the progress of the fire. Several tankers were requested to the scene to assist with water supply operations bringing tankers from four separate counties to the scene. TVFD crews also assisted with throwing ground ladder and stretched a hand line. Crews operated on scene for well over five hours before being released at 1:15 AM.

Later the next morning Ladder 69 was called back to the scene. By 9:50 AM on 7/31/20 the ladder was en route back to the apartment building with a full crew. Ladder 69 again set up the aerial to the rear of the building. The master stream was placed in service to knock down residual hot stops from the fire. Crews worked for over 3 hours battling hot spots. At 12:43 PM, after all the hot spots were knocked down crews took up from the scene and went available. Over both calls, Ladder 69 flowed over 80,000 gallons of water, most of which was obtained through a tanker shuttle.

Units: Ladder 69