Brush Fire on Pine Swamp Rd
March 22, 2020

At 4:04pm, TVFD was dispatched to a brush fire at Pine Swamp Rd in Warwick Township. Crews were dispatched after 911 call was received about a controlled burn that became out of control. The wind blew the fire into the nearby woods where the fire spread rapidly. Brush 69-1 arrived first to find working brush fire. Crews immediately went to work knocking down the fire. Brush 69-2 and Engine 69-5 arrived a couple minutes later and crews assisted Brush 69-11 with knocking down the rest of the fire and creating a perimeter. Assistant 69 took command of the scene.The fire burned a 200x200 area of brush before it was contained. A DCNR warden was notified because the fire spread onto part of the state game lands. After the fire was knocked down, overhaul was completed, and a fire line was established crews began clearing the scene.

Units: Brush 69-1; Brush 69-2; Engine 69-5 ; Engine 69-1