Working Building Fire In Elverson
August 7, 2019

At 1:20pm, TVFD and mutual aid units were dispatched to a building fire at Vixen Hill Manufacturing in Elverson Borough. Responding units were advised of an explosion in the dust collection unit, with active fire into the building. Ambulance 89-1 (Elverson-Honey Brook) arrived on location confirming fire showing from the roof with extension into the main production building and the exterior tower from embers. Ladder 69 and Tanker 34 (Churchtown) arrived establishing a water supply and began initial fire attack. A working fire dispatch and 2nd alarm was requested for manpower due to the extent of fire and time of day. Chief 69 (Brooks) established "Vixen Hill Command" and also requested a rehab unit due to the excessive heat. Multiple units arrived on location and worked for several hours at suppression and extensive overhaul. A large portion of the building was salvaged and the main damage was held to the origin of the fire and some ember damage. Units remained on scene until the county and state fire marshals conducted their investigation.

Final units cleared at 4:30pm.

*Special thank you to all of our mutual aid fire, EMS, and fire police as well as the following individuals:

-Elverson residents for providing water and popsicles on location
-McDonald's, Joanna Store, TV Coffee for refreshments at the firehouse
-Tim McEwen for providing a tractor for overhaul
-Kimberton FC for providing standby coverage of the area

Units: Ladder 69; Engine(s) 69-1 & 69-5, Rescue 69; Utility 69; Squad 69; Fire Police
Mutual Aid: Churchtown FC; Honey Brook FC; Glenmoore FC; Ludwig's Corner FC; Minquas FC; White Horse FC; Elverson-Honey Brook EMS; Westwood EMS; Brandywine Medics; Good Fellowship EMS; Chester County DES & Fire Marshal; State Police Fire Marshal