TVFD Joins Saving Lives Campaign
By Fire Chief Jason Brooks
February 5, 2019

TVFD is proud to announce a partnership with Norco Fire Company, Ridge Fire Company, and Kimberton Fire Company in support of a campaign geared towards free smoke detector distribution. The program was started in conjunction with Evan's Eleven Inc., after a local young boy tragically lost his life in a house fire that did not have working smoke detectors. After a presentation at our department's monthly meeting by the creators of the program from North Coventry, it was unanimously voted by the membership to join in the program. Smoke detectors are either donated free of charge or purchased through grants specifically created for this program. After interested community members complete a short application, volunteer firefighters donate their own time to properly install the detectors in those requested homes. Additional information, as well as the application can be found at the link provided below. Information can also be found at the Evan's Eleven link for a 5k race in July that TVFD will be attending, to raise funds towards this smoke detector program as well as other related programs.

Help us help our community stay safe!!