Members Graduate Fire Training
By Fire Chief Jason Brooks
January 24, 2018

This evening, several TVFD members help celebrate the accomplishment of fellow firefighters at their Fire 1 graduation held at the Chester County Public Safety Training Campus. Over 10 weeks, Firefighter Joey Esposito and Firefighter David Allen completed their "Entry Level Firefighter" certification through the Chester County Fire Academy. This course consisted of over 180 hours of both classroom and hands on instruction covering topics including: intro to the fire service, safety, equipment, fire behavior, water supply, hazardous materials, building construction, ladders, communications, sprinklers, forcible entry, ventilation, suppression, salvage, and firefighter survival. TVFD is proud to be certified by the Office of the State Fire Commissioner as having over 75% of our active force certified to a minimum of National Pro-Board Firefighter 1.

Congratulations to these individuals for continuing to keep their skills proficient and to better themselves to serve along side their fellow firefighters and the community!!