Fire Police Close Route 401
July 24, 2017

At 7:42am, TVFD was dispatched for fire police to close Route 401 in East Nantmeal. State Police were on location with a large tree and wires down blocking the roadway. 69-30 (Chalfin) arrived and set up for an extended detour of traffic around the scene. Utility crews arrived and began repairing the damaged wires and clearing the tree from the roadway. Fire police remained on location for several hours during the repairs and debris removal.

Units cleared at 11:18am.

**Special thanks to Fire Police Officer Kevin McCarthy from Station 190 (East Whiteland FC) for assisting with traffic control throughout the entire incident. Kevin was returning home after a 24 hour EMS shift.

Units: Fire Police
Mutual Aid: East Whiteland FP; State Police