2019 TVFD Officers Announced
January 3, 2019

Twin Valley Fire Department is pleased to announce the new line up of officers for 2019. Congratulations and good luck towards a productive and safe year!!

In addition to the hundreds of volunteer hours spent training, attending community events, and work details around the firehouse, TVFD members responded to 471 emergency calls in 2018. Thank you to all the operational and administrative volunteers for your hardwork throughout last year and continued positive goals into the new year!

Line Officers:

Chief 69- Jason Brooks
Deputy 69- Pete Hornberger
Assistant 69- Josh Spangler
Captain 69- Mike Wilson
Lieutenant 69- Ray Dymond
Safety 69- Ashley Spangler

Chief Engineer(69-10)- Darryl Romig
Asst Engineer(69-11)- Keith Romig
Asst Engineer(69-12)- Keith Gehman

Fire Police Captain(69-30)- Tim Cunningham
Fire Police Lieutenant(69-31)- Bill Bailey

Administrative Officers:

Department President/Relief Vice President- Ray Dymond
Relief President- Michael Wilson
Department Vice President/Trustee- Andrew Englander
Department/Relief Secretary- Jil Brooks
Financial Secretary- Lydia Simmons
Membership Secretary/Chaplain- Dan Mast
Department Treasurer- Al Simmons
Relief Treasurer/Trustee- Bo Gebhardt
Trustee- Bob Gebhardt III
Trustee- Tom Glennon
Trustee- Bob Esposito
Dept Trustee- Pete Hornberger
Relief Trustee- Tim Cunningham